Movie Sets, City Block Eighteen

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~~~~~ Here is the list of objects included. ~~~~~


Outer Blocks with Hide Show Poses for the two sizes of Grass Sections


1 City Block Eighteen with the proper limits set, for perfect alignment

14 Separate Homes that may be saved for use in other scenes

28 Flat Polygon Plants that may be sized and moved as you see fit includes Single Weeds.

1 Group of 28 Flat Polygon Plants Grouped the same as when you load the whole city block

in case you want to put all the Plants back the way they were when loading City Block Eighteen.

1 Fire Hydrant

1 Street Lamp

1 Basketball

1 Basketball Backboard on a pole that can be located anywhere

Weeds all over the place may be hidden if you like

1 Single Flat Weed Clone for more of them

1 Single Round Weed Clone for more of them

Many, Many built in details.

1 set of Road Signs

1 Power Pole and Power Line System

All of these items may be saved as separate props for other scenes.


5 Block Eighteen all but the Flower Zones .mc6 Dry, Puddles Large, Puddles Small, Raining large, Raining Small

5 Blocks Outer .mc6 Dry, Puddles Large, Puddles Small, Raining large, Raining Small

6 Grass Singles .mc5 Dry Abandoned, Dry Long, Dry medium, Dry Mover is Broken, Dry Short, Puddles

2 Defaults Block Eighteen and Blocks Outer

14 Home Material Defaults .mc6

44 Plant Singles that may be applied to any plant object. Bushes and Trees .mc5

20 Flower Bed Materials that may be applied to any of the 60 different Flower Zones .mc5

442 Material Maps includes some bump, displacement, reflection and Alpha maps


32 Basic Cameras

32 Matching Lights


This Quad Modeling totals 74,883 Polygons including the Outer Blocks and all 14 Homes


RW Wood Nymph for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Movie Sets, City Block Fifteen

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