MOS Invasion

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The Federation’s most elite force: The IPF Rangers MOS Invasion is a conforming clothing and prop set for Daz3D Michael Version 3. The package includes eleven (11) conforming items, three (3) props, 24 poses and four (4) hand poses. The conforming items are one ranger armor vest, ranger jumpsuit, ranger coat, arm guard, shoulder guards, knee padding, hand gloves, side pistol holster, belt utility add ons, a pair of ranger armor boots, and an alternate versin of ranger armor boots . Props include ranger helmet, hand gun (pistol) and IPF ubergun (rifle.) MOS Invasion clothing package will not conform to the standard Poser 4 Male figure or Michael version one or two. Note: With all Michael version 3 clothing items, user must first load Michael 3 before conforming any clothings in order for the JCM morph to work



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