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The MorphKit for Dawn is a complete and professional system for adding Dawn’s Body Morphs into clothing. It creates smooth, clean results without having to fiddle with 3rd party applications or Poser’s Copy Morphs function.

This Kit is part of Netherworks’ line of products aimed at helping you get more value out of your Poser clothing, whether you like to buy, sell or both.

It features a system that works entirely inside of Poser to replicate Dawn’s Body Morphs, along with many Adjustment Morphs that you can opt to include. It includes a toolbox of fast and easy-to-use Python Scripts such as one-click Morph Creation and the ability to Batch Process an entire folder of Magnet Sets at one time.* It also includes an easy way to organize the Dial Groups in clothing.

The Kit assumes that you will be working with Standard Poser clothing (including All-Hip dresses). That means clothing that matches the Body Parts found in Dawn, without support for Extra Body Parts.

This product pairs well with Netherworks’ Spawn 2.0, which allows Morphs to be created in Smart Props and an Includes system that will allow you to affect Extra Body Parts. Spawn 2.0 fully supports the Magnet Sets included with this product, including Batch capabilities (among many, many other features).
The Morphs replicated are:
AbsFlex, AbsFlexAsymmetry, AbsIn, AbsLowerCurve, Adjust Arms Lower, Adjust Arms Upper, BackSmooth, BicepFlex, BicepFlexL, BicepFlexR, BodyBulk, BodyDefinition, BodyEmaciated, BodyToned, BodyVoluptuous, BodyYoung, BreastCleavageCenter, BreastCleavageSmooth, BreastCleavageTop, BreastCreaseUnder, BreastCupA, BreastCupB, BreastCupD, BreastCupE, BreastGone, BreastNatural, BreastNippleOut, ElbowSize, GastrocFlex, GastrocFlexL, GastrocFlexR, GluteFlex, GluteFlexL, GluteFlexR, GlutesFlat, GlutesSize, ThighFull, ThighWidth, TricepFlex, TricepFlexL, TricepFlexR.

The Optional Adjustment Morphs are:
Adjust Body, Adjust Breasts, Adjust Glutes, Adjust Legs Lower, Adjust Legs Upper, Adjust Neck, Adjust Torso Lower, Adjust Torso Upper, Adjust Waist.

It is suitable for use in Poser 9 or higher (Dawn’s requirement).

* – The Scripts provided are automated and are intended to work only with the Magnet Sets provided in this Kit. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that they will work with other Magnet-based products.

Fully Illustrated PDF Guide which easily and quickly walks you through the system. Also includes an overview of all the tools that are included.
A Full Array of Customized Smart Magnets which tell the provided Scripts the Internal and External Names to use, along with Minimum and Maximum Values.
39 Full and Partial Body Morphs replicated with Magnet Sets.
11 Full and Partial Adjustment Morphs that can be optionally included in clothing.
All Magnet Sets are Categorized logically.
5 Python Scripts are included that play directly off of Poser’s Python Palette. They provide one-click Morph creation and a way to Batch Process a folder of Magnet Sets at one time. Extra tools include Remove Magnets, Reset Figure (includes clothing) and Zero Dials.
ClothBall Figure is included that allows you to have Dawn and the clothing in the scene, without stray Magnets dropping onto Dawn.
A Utility Pose is included to Set Dial Groups in Clothing. Best used with new clothes or clothes with very few Morphs.
Optional Neo-Magnet replacements for Standard Poser Magnets. It adds cross-hairs and guides, making adjustments easy.
License and permission to use the end results (morph targets and full body morph dials) in commercial work.


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