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Moon 360 is the new HDR environment by Midnight_stories. It’s a full 360 Degree set of HDRs, rendered in 16K by 8K so it’s double the resolution of the “Mars 360” set. With full 3D lighting information encoded into each image. There are 9 environments in all broken up into 2 categories, Infinite Sphere and Infinite Sphere with ground and DOF or (depth of field).

The landscapes are based on a moon environment with stone rocks and dust features, plus star and planet backgrounds, all lit with a sun as the central source of lighting and shadows. There are 7 on the surface of the moon and 2 in orbit. These work great with the “Genesis 3 Male Astronaut”. There is also so a camera preset of the DOF environment and an introductory video to help get you started, see link below. The 16K maps takes HDR environments to a whole new level of detail!

This product includes:
2 DSON Core Installer


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