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With these morphs, Mei Lin can be more exotic and specific. This set is particularly based on the unique faces of Mongolia, but you can use it to create other Asian faces, of course.

All morphs are optimized for Mei Lin 6. This means you may use many of them with the base Genesis 2 Female (mainly nose, ears and face morphs), but the expressions and most of the eyes and mouth morphs were made for Mei Lin’s special eye and mouth shape.

You can mix the morphs, but considering that some morphs are strongly shaped (mainly the eye morphs) dial them carefully.

The included face presets give more options. They combine many morphs from certain face parts to make the faces more unique and include hidden fixes to make them smoother.

Most of the morphs use the HD technology for more realistic result, but the morphs look great even on SubD level 1. For HD details set the SubD level to 2 or 3 (this setting is only important for some of the eyes and mouth morphs).

You can find the morphs on the Shaping tab (Expressions on the Posing tab)

All morphs are in ‘HD morphs’ folder in the respective face part group.

The face presets are in the ‘Head/People/Real World/Mongolian Beauty Presets’ group.

You can filter the morphs. Select ‘All’ in Shaping tab and type ‘MB-‘ into the filter box to see only the Mongolian Beauty morphs.

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