Modular Mech Squid

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Modular Mech Squid is Sci Fi set that come with 3 pre build space craft. But it can do so much more! You can create your own vehicles with the prop sets. There are 15 props and sub sets, they come with their own dial sets, and there is a huge array of movement dials on the tentacles, 17 in all. The pre built craft are Martian Walker, Mech Squid and Scorpion. They come in 4 different material sets all pro loaded to make it easy to start a scene. There are 9 Glow shaders/material. An added bonus for Genesis 2 Male, a Dr Squid sub set to make a great super villain. This is a must have for all you sci fi fans!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer



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Modular Mech Squid Expansion Pack
Daily Expressions for Nata3, G3, V7

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