MMA Choke Set – V4 Edition

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For a while now, customers have indicated that they would like to see more MMA-themed pose packs. This pose pack is the second my MMA series, and it specializes in MMA-style choke holds/submissions.

This pose pack is great hobbyists who are still learning as well as for professional/commission artists who expected to turn out high-quality work in a minimal amount of time, and do it again, and again, and again…

Natural Poses: If you are looking for exaggerated, cartoony fight poses, then I do not recommend purchasing this pack. I’ve worked hard to make each pose look natural, yet dynamic and balanced from all angles to not take away from your scene’s realism. I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to eliminate the creases that can occur when rotating gen 4 figures’ collars and shoulders.

Each pose is very complicated, some taking hours to complete. However, despite the complexity, you won’t find shoulders popping out of joints or other unnatural positioning just to make the pose fit.

Mirrors Included : Mirrors for every single pose are included for convenience. Customers have mentioned manually mirroring every pose they purchase because they have a left-handed character. I don’t want you to have to do that.

Pose Content Includes (See promotional images):
Anaconda Choke
Darce Choke
Dragon Choke
Guillotine Choke #1 (From mount)
Guillotine Choke #2 (From guard)
Rear Naked Choke #1 (Seated)
Rear Naked Choke #2 (Side)
Triangle Choke #1 (Traditional)
Triangle Choke #2 (Reverse)

Disclaimer, I’ve found that the naming of MMA techniques is a hotly debated internet topic. So I am not 100% sure that the pose names are correct. If I got a name wrong, please forgive me. That being said, please refer to the promotional images to see each pose to ensure that you are getting exactly what you expect.

Q: Will these poses work with M4?
A: I do not recommend it. M4’s shoulder and leg motion are quite a bit different from V4, meaning that you will need to do a lot of tweaking to get the pose looking natural again. A dedicated M4 pose pack will be available in the marketplace.

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