Mix & Match Hair Pieces

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Natasza for V4
WhoPax's Chara for V4

There are literally hundreds of combinations you can create and with morphs even more! Each prop is small with just the morphs needed for that piece , with one texture and one transmap. Each item will load quickly, being low poly, and in the event that you use say, just bangs or just a front piece under a hood or less hair pieces as needed, your render time nearly triples! Because of these features, even loading a few at the same time, will not affect your rendering times. With this package, you can pretty much create the hair you want and fit into any theme ! This package contains 12 hair props !!!

What’s included:

3 different bangs props and OBJS
3 different front props and OBJS
3 different mid section props and OBJS
2 different back section props and OBJS
1 cap Prop and OBJ
8 matching textures and mats for each piece
DS Mats


Natasza for V4
WhoPax's Chara for V4

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