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Mitchel Hair,come in 2 Formats ,smart prop for Poser and
Genesis DS4 dsf, which super conform, to any genesis human shape preset.
The prop hair made for Mitchel Character,M4,V4, Anastasia,Genesis,
but can be scaled translated to fit any other poser character.

!!!Please Note:
1.Highly recommended ,if you Having the AO light shader on,
set it as low is possible no more than 0.1 strength
and don’t use hard shadows, for smooth and soft results or you can disable,
“cast shadows” or “cast shadows” and “Visible in Raytracing”,
in the Parameters/Properties window tab,
like i did in the most of my promos,
this will give you smooth results and fast renders.
2.Mitchel Hair may take longer rendering time,than usual
especially with Strong shadows and high AO render settings! Genesis before load Genesis dsf presets,to have the ‘super conforming’ feature of ‘dsf’ files,
give a moment to your DS4 (depend of your system speed) to aply shape smoothing and fitting before
4.Mitchel dsf hair, morph parameters value limits, are settled by default -100 to 100% ,
if you wish you can change those limits, for example in the wind morphs,
you can click the star in the right corner of each parameter
and maximize or lower the limits.
5.You can mix the morphs for more amazing results:)



M4 SunGlasses
PS-Roxanne for V4


  1. Profile photo of Incy Vortex

    Incy Vortex

    June 4, 2013

    ahhh, just what I’ve been needing, shorter hair for some of my males, thank you 🙂

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