Mighty Hyperterrains Vol. 2

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Due to popular demand, Dax Pandhi is presenting another tutorial on QuadSpinner’s Mighty HyperTerrains – this time focused on advanced applications. We covered the basics in Vol. 1, and now, you’ll be able to master more complex structures such as realistic arches and crystal formations. You’ll also witness first-hand that HyperTerrains can have angular hard lines, dispelling the myth that their surfaces are exclusively round and bulbous.

Remember: it?s not about learning features, it?s about learning proven techniques for practical and realistic results.

Check out the wealth of information packed into this easy-to follow, concise video. A veritable cornucopia!

Learn innovative techniques to create rock arches that mirror nature’s eroded wonders
Use negative blobbing to produce better HyperTerrains overall
Discover ways to build and shape unique crystal formations
Make advanced HyperTerrains that have angular contours and hard edges
Fashion HyperTerrains using Super-simple MetaBlobs
Expand your skills by also creating HyperTerrains without using MetaBlobs
Exploit decimation to manage large polygon-rich meshes without losing quality
Training includes HyperTerrain Template for Hard Edged rocks
All exercise files are also included
Video presented in full HD quality

Compatible with Vue 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 – all editions.



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