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This Michael 5 3D Model Pro Suite contains over $638.00 worth of Michael 5 and Genesis content including everything in the Michael 5 Starter and Pro Bundles, the Ethnicity Bundle, the Genesis Starter bundle and unique Michael 5 hair and clothing making this the absolute best value for your money of all the Michael 5 bundles. Take advantage of everything you need to get started with Michael 5 and Genesis NOW!

This Bundle Pack Contains the Following Products

  • Genesis Starter Bundle
  • Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle
  • Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs
  • Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs
  • Casual Surf Wear for Genesis
  • Scoopback Mini Dress for Genesis
  • Hampton Hair
  • Troll for Genesis
  • Michael 5 Pro Bundle
  • Michael 5 Starter Bundle
  • Michael 5
  • Pure Hair Classic
  • Town and Country for Genesis
  • DragonLord for Genesis
  • James for M5
  • Easy Going Poses for Michael 5
  • Zac Hair
  • Pure Hair: Sleek
  • Genesis Ranger
  • Preppy for Genesis
  • Benjamin for M5
  • M5 Casual Male
  • Manly Men M5
  • M5 Photographic Poses
  • Dark Priest Poses for M5
  • Michael 5 Genitalia
  • Ethnicity for Genesis Bundle
  • Ethnicity for Genesis: Asian
  • Ethnicity for Genesis: African
  • Ethnicity for Genesis: Native American
  • Pajamas for Michael 5
  • Pure Hair Casual


Link to folder

Immortal Elegance Upgrade Pack
i13 CV01


  1. Profile photo of Serkan


    July 26, 2013

    Are there Poser Companion Files in this? Specialy for Genitals.

  2. Profile photo of Carla


    September 14, 2013

    Yes, there is poser companion files for the ítems that had them, most include them but not every item has them.

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