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**updated to add template file**

Outfit for V4 (and A4 and G4) that includes bodysuit + gloves + boots + armbands + thighbands + morphing sword

A pack of extremely useful pieces that can be used in a wide range of scenarios.
As all our products, full of features and simple to use.

PC compatible, not tested in Mac.
Poser 6 and Up, and/or DAZ Studio 3 (not DS4)
This cloth is for DAZ’s Victoria 4 figure, and works too for Aiko 4 and The Girl 4.

– Outfit made of several pieces + boots + morphing sword

– All clothes come with lots of morphs and adjustment morphs to fit any V4/A4/G4 character
– All clothes are auto-conforming but adjustable. They automatically adjust to your
figure, but you can still dial the morphs of the clothes if you need it.
– All clothes use JCM morphs to auto-adjust when V4 bends, and also include adjusting morphs
in case you need to use them.

– Bodysuit with 8 mat poses
– Pair of sexy high boots of easy use, including 8 mat poses
– 3 versions of the Morphing sword (smartprop version for both hands, and independent prop).
Morphs for longer or shorter blade, and longer or shorter grip. Make short broadswords,
or long two-handed swords. Hand pose for both hands included.
– 5 mat poses to change the color of the jewel of the sword.
– Gloves for both hands with 8 mat poses
– Armbands for both arms with 8 mat poses
– Thighbands for both legs with 8 mat poses

– Icons to hide hands and feet, feet pose, or show them again.
– Icons to remove nipples

– Very easy templates available for texture creators
– Render Settings & Render Settings Tutorial to get the most of your renders!



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