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What is included:
1 Head Texture w/Eyebrows + Bump (4000x4000px)
1 Head Texture w/out Eyebrows + Bump (4000x4000px)
1 Torso Texture + Bump (4000x4000px)
1 Limbs Texture + Bump (4000x4000px)
1 Eye Texture + Bump (1000x1000px)
1 Teeth/Tongue Texture + Bump (1500x1500px)
1 Eyelash Transmap (1400x1400px)
1 Eyelash Reflection (1500x1500px)

1 Poser MAT Pose for easy applying.
Works good in Daz Studio also.

You can not create any freebies with this product.
You can not create your own merchant resource with this product.
You can use any parts of this resource for any character but you MUST state
the usage of this product in any case.
You get what you see! The promo images try to show as much detail as possible,
so you CAN achieve the same result.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Merchant Resource

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