Men of Cahokia

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Because Michael 4 was developed on a Western European base, it can sometimes be difficult to capture the beauty and diversity of non-Western European faces, especially those that are very different like Native Americans. While the Elite Ethnic morphs provide one Native American face, this is only one morph and does not accurately represent all tribes.
This face pack provides you with fifteen beautiful faces stretching from coast to coast to bring out the beauty and diversity of American Indian men. Also included is a bonus Inuit morph, because, while Inuit are not related to American Indians, they are still natives of the Americas. All the major linguistic groups (Siouan, Iroquoian, Muskogean, Athabaskan, Algonquian) and regions (Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Midwest, Great Plains, Southwest, Pacific Northwest) are covered by this pack; these morphs should also work well for neighboring or related tribes.
These morphs were carefully researched to ensure the greatest possible accuracy!
Please note textures are not included in this item
Sixteen beautiful men’s faces from the New World:
A’kow-muk-ai (Blackfoot Tribe)
Bear Cloak (Oto Tribe)
Black Coal (Arapaho Tribe)
Elswa (Haida Tribe)
First Shoot (Assiniboine Tribe [aka Nakota Sioux Tribe])
Fulton (Alabama-Coushata Tribe)
Hail Stone (Crow Tribe)
High Bear (Muskogee Tribe)
Mandeh-Pahchu (Mandan Tribe)
Many Beads (Ute Tribe)
Medicine Dog (Dakota Sioux Tribe)
O-We-U (Cayuse Tribe)
Peacemaker (Seneca Tribe of Iroquois)
Taawayite (Comanche Tribe)
Yellowshirt (Lakota Sioux Tribe)
BONUS Kayugh (Inuit)


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