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    wideload Posted an update in General Chat 3 months ago

    I’m looking for people’s opinions on what they think would be your best or favourite t-shirt(s) for a custom texture pack.
    Some points to consider:
    – This will be for both male and female but obviously they don’t have to be from the same creator.
    – Ideally for G8 but I’m okay with G3.
    – If it already comes with a lot of colour options then great but it’s not essential.

    I guess what I’m saying is, if you were going to download a custom texture pack for a t-shirt, which t-shirt would be your favourite or preferred one.
    The reason I ask is because many moons ago I used to recreate TV, movie other assorted logos in Illustrator. This also included stuff that you might see on sites like Last Exit To Nowhere, Dark Bunny Tees and Red Bubble. Nothing too fancy but I like them and think others might too. I stopped doing them for reasons but I’d like to do something with them and came up with the idea of t-shirts (maybe other wear too) for our characters.
    When completed, the pack(s) would be posted here for those interested. It won’t be anytime soon as I have other hobbies but I’d like to get at least one lot out there.

    So let me know if you have any t-shirt preferences for both male and female. My current thinking is OOT’s Mega wardrobe as it has both male and female and various clothing options but I’m very open to other ideas.
    Thanks for reading.


    • Anna 2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Cool, my friend. I think is a great idea create your own textures (I hope I can do it someday 😉 ), and if you already have some logos you can use to stamping your textures will be easier, I guess.
      About t-shirts, I really like these:
      Oversized Shirt for Genesis 8 Females;
      Long Nightie Shirt for Genesis 3 Females;
      Oversized Shirt for Genesis 8 Females;
      Fashion Blizz – Long T-Shirt for Genesis 3 Female(s);
      T-shirt for Genesis 8 Female(s).

      Depend on what you have in mind to create your textures, I think these can be very good for it too. 😉

      Hope can see some of these textures soon, my friend!

      Good luck!


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