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    2 Conforming Figures
    Stocking Toes for G3F
    Stocking Toes for G8F

    Materials Options:
    30 Glossy Materials for Stocking
    26 Matt Materials for Stocking
    16 Materials for […]

    • Anna 1 day, 21 hours ago

      Thank you my friend, it’s a great share. 🙂

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    5 high quality and real looking textures for Fall Casual for Genesis 8 Female(s).
    What’s Included and Features

    Fall Casual Textures
    05 Short Boots Options
    05 Cardigan Options
    05 Shirt […]

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    wideload Posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Merry Xmas to you and to everyone else on this site. May you all have a great time, whatever you celebrate.

    In reply to - Anna posted an update in the group General Chat It\'s a time for celebration and gatherings. I wish that all of you may spend your time meaningfully with the people close to your heart; May the Peace and Blessings of Christmas be yours; May this Christmas holidays give you wonderful time and happiness to become a the golden memories for tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS for All!!! And I\'d like to say \"Thanks\" for all for sharing so many wonderful items and a special \"Thank You\" for those members who gave the best and precious gift - your friendship. You are the best thing I got this year. :D · View
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    Kimmy-Genesis 3 Female

    Here comes Kimmy- a young girl with some attributes like:
    jewels and paintings
    You have to own Genesis and the growing up morphs by Daz3D.com
    do use this textures

    1 […]

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    wideload Posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Agreed. It’s finding that balance and it could be slightly different for every person and the life you wish to lead. Even if you’re in a relationship, both of you still need that alone time as much as you need time together. I’m not just talking about going out separately either, it includes alone time within the same household. How much that is…[Read more]

    In reply to - agata posted an update in the group General Chat People can not without communication. It seems to me that they will go crazy and just simply run wild. After all, a person needs to be listened to, understood. Historical experience shows that isolating a person from a society leads to loss of the human appearance. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is useful for a person. It brings him a variety of emotions. Even the experience transmitted from generation to generation is maintained communicatively. Communication can help us to remain people, only in communication develops culture, civilization. And we must preserve this ability to communicate. But it\'s probably better to stick to the golden mean. After all, loneliness and reflection alone with yourself are also useful. And it\'s so nice sometimes to make tea, take your favorite book and get into the fantasy world. And what do you prefer: to spend an evening alone or in a company of friends? · View
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    Goth Outfit Textures
    What’s Included and Features

    Goth Outfit Textures:
    Textures Include:
    41 Texture, Bump, Specular, Metal and Normal Maps (4096 x […]

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    I Bot Nurse

    Cybernetic organism devoted to the medical cause.
    She is a perfect assistant!
    I Bot Nurse was conceived on the basis of Genesis 3 Female

    What’s Included and Features

    I bot […]

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    Included in this set:
    01 APPLY/REM Face file
    03 APPLY/REM Body files (child, teen & adult)
    03 Full Character files (child, teen & adult)
    01 Default Mat file
    07 Eye Color files
    02 Lash Color files (natural […]

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