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    C Posted an update in General Chat 10 months ago

    can anyone give me a brief guide on how to actually get a Genesis 3 character working for Daz studio? I put the runtime folder in the place its supposed to go (my library) and open Daz but I can never actually find the thing at all in my account on Daz. None of them ever appear to show up on the content list. I am obviously doing something wrong. If someone would help me here I’d appreciate it perhaps by giving me an example? thanks.

    • Blazer 10 months ago

      In DAZ program, have you specified your content directory(ies)? Characters should be located in the following folders: My Library/People/Genesis (or Genesis 2 or Genesis 3, etc)/Characters

      • C 10 months ago

        I really don’t know I just know I put the runtime folder into the ‘my library’ Daz folder like everything. Would it be possible for you to private message me using an example? I would really appreciate this and would show me a lot easier where the confusion lies at from myself.

        • C 10 months ago

          what I mean by the above is just simply show me a random G3 character and show me where the runtime folder from it goes within daz studio so I can access it from daz. thx.

          • Blazer 10 months ago

            I just told you above where you should find it, providing you have been setting up your folders correctly.

            • C 10 months ago

              I put a G3 figures runtime folder in my library and its not showing up ANYWHERE in Daz studio when I am in the program. I honestly just need an example of it would be so much easier for me. Sorry to be a pain.


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