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    C Posted a new activity comment 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Its what I use.

    In reply to - Dave Harley posted an update in the group General Chat How many Peeps, out of All the Daz Studio Users here, are using Daz Studio 4.9? Posette has stated that you need DS4.9 more and more to use your 3Delight materials. Sorry Daz, I am NOT buying into your hype of DS4.9 · View
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    C Posted a new activity comment 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    nah I got used to that shit years ago.

    In reply to - Pandora posted an update in the group General Chat Don\'t you hate when this happens, I get a phone call,you know the one, you just won some money or they say you owe the government money on your taxes (you know you don\'t). I got that call you won money which I get all the time. I played along and let him just keep talking. I won $750.000, oh yeah, it came to the time to ask me for money to get the prize. I replied back by saying, \"you mean I have to pay money to get the big prize\". He said no, I said don\'t scam me I\'m not old where I can\'t think for myself, he then hung up. What a loser! :lol: · View
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    The Army Barracks is a set of seven props replicating a traditional army barracks
    building complete with furnishings and grounds. The set was designed so that it
    could represent an Army barracks building from […]

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    C Posted an update in General Chat 11 months, 1 week ago

    how do you add points to this website? I don’t understand how it works. I apparently need them if I am going to be downloading anything it comes up with ‘You do not have enough Points to access to this Post’. I am confused. How do you get points please?

    • Blazer 11 months, 1 week ago

      1. By taking out a QTY Premium membership, you will get 6000 site points

      2. Sharing contents – you get points when people download your shares

      3. Art submissions – if your art is displayed on the home page, you get 500 site points for each image displayed

      4. This one is a long shot, but sometimes members will “donate” points to others, whom…[Read more]

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