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    Skindipper Posted an update in General Chat 5 months ago

    Heya, I must say lately I am a bit worried about ironman13 because for an awfully long time I haven’t seen any updates from him/her and I slowly getting afraid that something bad has happened to him/her in RL. I am just asking because I know that some of you here are DAZ are veterans and way longer in this all than me and probably know more.

    • Blazer 5 months ago

      I bought a couple of items from ironman3d over at DAZ that did not deliver as described in the product description and was never updated, so yeah, to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I COULD BE WRONG, but I think this PA is selling stuff under a different name, i3d_Lotus.

      • Blazer 5 months ago

        I meant, ironman13, not 3d

      • Skindipper 5 months ago

        You have a sharp eye, Blazer. That could really be him. I had no idea that i13 had such a bad reputation. I kinda liked his products, but I trust you here. I was just worried that he has been sick or worse.

        • G8M_Belmundo 5 months ago

          what product did he sell? i’m not aware of him or probably i’m missing something. hihihihihi

          • Skindipper 5 months ago

            For me, his most prominent item was the i13 Executive Environment, Outfit and Pose Bundle.

          • wideload 5 months ago

            They did a lot of clothing, pose and environment bundles on Daz, usually with the i13 tag at the start of the name. IMO it was usually good quality content but I never actually bought any of their stuff so I can’t speak about after sales support.

            I have noticed that sometimes PA’s do ‘disappear’ for awhile and then release several products in fairly quick succession, Mec4D comes immediately to mind. Maybe that’s the case here or maybe they have changed name.

            • Blazer 5 months ago

              that is very true…another PA that has been MIA for quite a while is Raiya.

        • Blazer 3 months, 1 week ago

          so I found out from DAZ Forums the following: ironman13 is a man/woman couple and 13d_Lotus is their daughter. Currently the woman half of ironman13 has taken some time off from content creation and the man half is working in collaboration with Fugazi, that is why Fugazi’s stuff are very similar to what ironman13 had rolled out once before.

          • Skindipper 3 months, 1 week ago

            His daughter could also explain why this one house that got removed almost immediately was so badly designed. Thanks a lot, I always love the insight.


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