• 9 months ago

    Dave Harley

    Dave Harley Posted an update in General Chat 9 months ago

    How many Peeps, out of All the Daz Studio Users here, are using Daz Studio 4.9? Posette has stated that you need DS4.9 more and more to use your 3Delight materials. Sorry Daz, I am NOT buying into your hype of DS4.9

    • Posette 9 months ago

      Dave…I noticed it on some of the newer shares for the Gen3 figures…when I would go to render it would look for a missing file…doesn’t give a name…just errors out and shuts it down…did it on at least 2 products not from the same vendor…but they work just fine in 4.9…using 3delight materials (not the iray ones)

      • Dave Harley 9 months ago

        Using DS 4.8, I have Saved Entire Scenes. Then when I go to reopen, DS4.8 tlls me Cannot find xyz files. I have had that happen even with new out of the box items.

    • C 8 months, 2 weeks ago

      Its what I use.

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