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    Dynamic cloth in Daz Studio 4.9

    I am trying out Mean Mr. Pumpkin Head and his shroud is dynamic
    I admit to knowing NOTHING in this area…but I opened the required tab and played with it…loaded the figure, loaded the shroud, Made sure to Collide with and so on…hit Drape and viola! Perfect…okay next step…repeated all steps but posed figure first…and hit Drape and disaster…doesn’t even come close…tried looking up tutorials on the web and found old ones for V4 …it was a staring point. The only thing that they suggested that I Cannot do is to “Fit” the shroud to the figure…it only gives a “Parent” option…which I did and still had no success…anyone???

    • moi 8 months, 1 week ago

      There is alittle script here on this site called. “Dyncreator” can help you but i prefer marvelous designer.


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