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    D.Master designed for Gaming cloth and animation. So minimal mesh overlapping at joints was designed for. She also comes with keyed joints morphs for your slappy animation needs.

    The head and body for Tallian […]

  • 2 hours, 58 minutes ago


    Juniper is a custom sculpted high quality character for Genesis 8 Female.
    Overlay colors can be adjusted to any color.
    You cant use eyeshadow overlays and fantasy face mask overlays at the same time. […]

  • 2 hours, 59 minutes ago


    LECS – A Latex Enhanced Combat Suit for those tight situations, able to withstand light arms fire due to its unique construction. Powered up and always ready for action and not only that, you’ll look good when […]

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    I have a question on dForce….

    I use the clothing but sparingly…I have gone through all the scene setup and applied the pose, applied the simulation and then decided that it didn’t look “right” for the scene…Zeroed the pose and clothing and tried again…it will go through the simulation and then the clothing goes all over the place like an…[Read more]

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    Mia is an adorable Asian lady for your Genesis 3 & 8 Females! She’s delicate and sweet, and comes with a huge amount of presets, including fibermesh eyebrows.

    She’s incredibly versatile, she can go […]

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    Introducing Myeong,

    Myeong is a beautiful young Chinese woman, with her extraordinary beauty and a strongly defined head. Myeong comes to you today in the new Genesis 8 figure. Myeong’s beautiful […]

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    Dance, Dance, Dance Entry:

    Daz Studio 4.9
    Monique 7 x2
    Big Puff Hair for GF2
    Street Dance Outfit for G3F
    Casual Summer for G3F
    Shorts Jeans Outfit for G3F
    Tiger Braid Hair for G3F
    Jazmine & Kensey Textures
    Genesis 3 Male
    Short Afro Hair G3M
    Hip Hop Outfit for G3M
    Hanging Out Outfit for G3M
    Raymond & Xavier Textures
    Back Street
    The Streets Of NYC…

    [Read more]

    • Posette 14 hours, 59 minutes ago

      Title is “Motown Moves”

    • myducky666 27 minutes ago

      fantastic! great job!

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    This Executive’s Pool House is a complete internal structure.

    The scene is a closed internal environment consisting of two entrances, a pool, which extends to the bar, allowing your characters to […]

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    dForce Maid Outfit Textures

    What’s Included and Features
    4 Material Sets for the dForce Maid Outfit:
    Purple and Black
    Textures Include:
    82 Texture, Displacement, Normal, Transparency, and […]

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    Steampunk Entry: “Discovery”

    Daz Studio 4.9
    Genesis 3 F
    Laguna Mermaid for G3F
    Galene Hair
    Destiny Corset
    Nightshade Collar
    Accessories: Gloves
    Mr. Cogsworth Tophat & Goggles for G3M
    Genesis 3 M
    Mr. Cogsworth Outifit
    Side Part Hair
    Whiskers for G3M
    Gardens of Poseidon
    Various DM props (barrels, gears)
    Tick Tock Street Clock
    Deep Sea Diver for M4…

    [Read more]

    • pregiato 23 hours, 35 minutes ago

      Wonderful scene ! Nice work.

    • Anna 21 hours, 2 minutes ago

      Just amazing… Great work here, sweetie! 🙂

    • myducky666 20 hours, 12 minutes ago

      incredible imagery! well done.

    • Posette 18 hours, 42 minutes ago

      Thank you!

    • Posette 18 hours, 42 minutes ago

      Thank you!

    • Posette 18 hours, 42 minutes ago

      Thank you!

  • 1 day, 20 hours ago


    “Steam Elaina”

    DAZ Studio 4.9 – Iray – NO postwork
    P3D Elaina for Penny 8
    Dark Silence for G3F + Steamy textures
    DM Clockworks
    Curly Up Top Hair
    SV Everyda Easy Iray Lights

    • myducky666 1 day, 12 hours ago

      she’s beautiful! i love the setting and mood. well done, hon!

    • pregiato 23 hours, 36 minutes ago

      She is lovely ! A very realistic portrait !!

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