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The big heavy door of the old warehouse opens with a creak, The pale sunlight appears poorly through the dirty skylights and dips the old hall in faded dusty light . The steps echo unnaturally loud, and the dirt crunching under my shoes …. what do I seek here? My eyes wander through the large empty hall, there a old withered plank, there a pile of dirt … otherwise silence. My eyes remain in the middle of the room,on something what is covered up with some oily and Yellowed canvas. The sparse skylight seems exactly to focus there. I am getting closer and my fingers touch shy the old canvas. Slowly I pull the cloth away .. and hope to find what I’ve been promised to find here ..sealed old documents don`t lie they ? Dust swirls up, and there she stands – on a massive iron Pedestal with a heavy looking turntable …. almost human, would there not be not this dull metallic shine of heavy iron … Mechanica No?5, I read on the base , the rest is dirty. Oh its is true ..she exist …The last one of those automatons, almost fully maneuverable and of highly unsurpassed production art. A treasure . I look around and her key still stacks in her back , so does the other in The Pedestal . Full of Excitement i start winding her up , and surprised that after all the Years the Keys turn around without any problems … For a moment it seems the time stands still .. the turntable begins to rotate slowly and the She start .. to dance in the dusty light of the old abandoned warehouse, and a strange feeling of something long forgotten discovered to have flowed through me … … and then ..she open her eyes and met my gaze …
As she dances i sit down on the dusty ground , fascinated from her moves , i draw my little old camera out of my pocket , just to capture all here poses she does. I had to bring them to you, to show her elegance ..her almost human behavior on the pedestal … she seems so much lifelike. And i want to share her moves ..with you…

High detailed SteamPunk character textures, props and poses.

High quality meshes.

Set of high quality poses.

Easy to use UV maps.

Detailed textures and procedural materials for realistic renders at any render size.

Everything is designed to make use of it in easiest possible way.

Detailed Self-Explaining Thumbs.
Product Includes:
20 Color maps
13 Bump and Displacement maps
10 Props and Smart Props with shader (Poser only)
10 Props and Smart Props without shader (DS compatible)
1 Base Mat Pose with shader (Poser only)
1 Base Mat Pose without shader (DS compatible)
4 Eyes Mat Poses with shader (Poser only)
4 Eyes Mat Pose without shader (DS compatible)
3 Face Mat Poses with shader (Poser only)
3 Face Mat Pose without shader (DS compatible)
5 Poses
3 Adjustment Poses
Mechanica INJ
Mechanica REM
NavelGone INJ
NavelGone REM
6 Hand Poses
4 Figures
9 OBJ files
20 Poses
3 Adjustment poses

Additional Notes:
DS users have textures without Poser shaders.

**Arrows on animated Mechanica allow you to spin it by your self in desired direction.



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