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Have you ever loaded a figure into DAZ Studio and thought to yourself, ?I wish there was an easy way to get accurate measurements?”

Have you wanted a way to adjust your figure’s proportions and see the measurements in real time?

Now you can!

The Measure Metrics plug-in will allow you to measure the length, diameter or angle of figures and props in your scene. It uses both Metric and US inches/feet. By using the Tape Measure, Tailor’s Tape or the Protractor, you can remove the ?guesswork? from your artwork.

Measure Metrics comes with “Pre-set” nodes to help you measure the dimensions of your favorite figures. It also allows you to set up your own nodes to measure any kind of props or even empty space between figures within your scene.

A script included with Measure Metrics allows you to configure morphs which control the dimensions of your figure, allowing you to set the dimensions and have the figure automatically adjust the morphs to match the dimensions you entered.

Measure your figure’s or prop’s dimensions or configure the tool to automatically set your figure to dimensions that you specify without having to adjust dozens of morph sliders.

This is a fun and powerful tool!

PC/MAC 64/32 Installers. DAZ Studio only.

UPDATE: Serial key: SDZMSMT-010-2016406-RQT-001-VXWHMSN



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  1. dazzle999

    March 8, 2014

    thanks blazer for this amazing share!
    i was just about to buy it on daz myself but thought hmm lets check here first and yes you beat me to this anyways thank you !

  2. Guest

    March 19, 2014

    Admin please update to post. Don’t need re-upload file
    Serial key: SDZMSMT-010-2016406-RQT-001-VXWHMSN

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