MDD Lucinda for V4.2

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Lucinda Includes:
1 Body INJ/REM
1 Head INJ/REM
1 Elf Ear INJ/REM
1 Long Nail INJ/REM
1 Claw INJ/REM
4 Nail Color Options
7 Light Eyeshadows
7 Dark Eyeshadows
13 Lip Colors
10 Eye Colors
2 Eye Sclera Options
1 Black Widow Arm MAT
1 Black Widow Leg MAT
2 Black Widow Torso MATS
4 Black Widow Face MATS
FireWalker includes:
1 FireWalker Full MAT
1 FireWalker Arms MAT
1 FireWalker Leg MAT
1 FireWalker Ear MAT
1 FireWalker Torso MAT
3 FireWalker Face MATS

Included are SSS Shader MATS for Poser9 and PoserPro 2012



Elodie V4


  1. jonatan

    March 15, 2014

    Hi! How do I get points for download materials?

    • Juan Castillo

      March 15, 2014

      3 ways to do that.
      1 – You buy the points
      2 – You add an item for others to download you get points each time someone downloads it
      3 – You get points gifted to you by another member

      I will check If I can give you some points.

    • bogus

      March 15, 2014

      New users need to share 3D products to become full-fledged members of our community.

      • Sondra Davidson

        March 16, 2014

        How do we add them to the community lol and is 3d products what I been downloading of the textures

    • Name

      March 16, 2014

      Actually Juan Castillo is partially correct. To get points there are 3 ways, Share content that others download, by winning in Contests if you enter, or when bogus is kind enough to put a posted render of yours on the home page mini gallery. If another member is kind enough to give you a gift of points that is good but those are the main 3 ways of getting points. You can also get points by getting a premium membership with QTY Files, once you get a premium membership by following the directions that bogus has posted you need to get a hold of bogus, he will then award you with points (I think its 2000 Points but I could be wrong). Welcome to the site and have fun

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