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QuadSpinner is offering you the chance to learn deeper aspects of creating scenes in Vue with renowned artist and trainer Dax Pandhi. This Master Class focuses on the Emerald EcoSystem because this visual subject is what people often avoid in Vue.

“You can’t have a realistic grass terrain unless you grow grass on it,” says Dax, “and people shy away from doing that thinking it is too hard. We want to show you that it is not.”

This is one class you won’t want to miss!

Understand the workflow of creating a complete scene
Create lush, layered EcoSystems
Use HD Trees to produce beautiful, life-like forests
Learn to make elaborately detailed grassy hills
Generate and manage billions of polygons worth of plants
Learn to create realistic springtime lighting in relation to the EcoSystem
Master practical application of Global Radiosity and Indirect Skylighting
Discover how to integrate multiple layers of EcoSystems and constrain them using fractals
Acquire invaluable insider tips from Dax that promise to save time and heighten realism
Full scene included
Video presented in full HD



QuadSpinner - HyperWorlds
Rhinoceros 5.9.40609 20145 SR9 Corporate Edition (Windows x64)

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