Martial Arts Chain Weapons

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The Martial Arts Chain Weapons set comprises six smartprops for Genesis in DAZ Studio. All pieces have Pose Control dials to facilitate movement and posing, and all come with centered presets for prop use. With both bronze and steel texture options, these are suitable for fantasy and historical scenes as well as modern dojo and martial arts 3D renderings.

Martial Arts Chain Weapons features these pieces:

Nine Section Chain Whip: This weapon probably originated in China. It is made of metal rods joined by rings to form a chain with a handle at one end and a sharpened dart at the other. It is a challenging weapon to master, but less so than many of the others in this set. In some systems this is a prerequisite to use for the rope weapons.

Rope Dart:This weapon consists of a sharpened dart at the end of a long rope, largely intended to do stabbing or piercing damage when thrown. It is usually anchored with the left hand and played out with the right hand, though it can be twined around and thrown with nearly any joint.

Flying Claw: This weapon consists of a metal stylized ?hand? at the end of a rope, with the fingers bent and sharpened to slash an opponent on contact. It has a very different weight and sense of movement than the chain whip and is similar to the more common rope dart. It is usually anchored with the left hand and played out with the right hand.

Kusarigama: This is a traditional Japanese weapon consisting of a weight and a scythe connected by a metal chain. It is usually used by entangling an opponent with the weight and then closing in to slash with the scythe. However, specific methods vary by the size of the weight and which edge of the kama is sharpened. Like many martial arts weapons, the design probably originally evolved from an agricultural implement.

Meteor Hammer: This very difficult weapon consists of two heavy weights connected by a long chain. It is used to inflict blunt damage, unlike the first four, and is recommended only for those who are already experts in other techniques. One must also possess excellent hand-eye coordination, as it is very easy to hit one’s head or face with the weights by accident.

Nunchaku: Another traditional Japanese weapon (although it may have evolved from an earlier Chinese two-sectioned staff), the nunchaku are a pair of wooden sections connected by a short chain. It is believed that they might date to agricultural times, being used as a thresh tool for rice or soybeans. Nunchaku are taught and wielded both singly and doubly, and are used to inflict blunt blows as well as to attempt to entangle bladed weapons with the chain.

Customers are urged to look at some of the amazing demonstrations of these weapons available on YouTube, not just for ideas, but because they are truly amazing and educational.

What’s Included and Features
Six Weapons With Smartprop And Centered Presets: (.DUF)
Chain Whip
Flying Claw
Meteor Hammer
Rope Dart
2 Texture Options:
Bronze Finish
Steel Finish
2 Hand Poses:
Grip Right
Grip Left
Textures Include:
12 Diffuse and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
1 Rope Tile Map (512 x 512)
1 Chain Link Map (1024 x 1024)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)


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