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After the dust settled, Hero City was under the protection of a new group of Superheroes. A group of Daz3d Unimesh Females all using the Ultimate Comic Overlays by Angela3d but, what about the Daz3d Unimesh Males of Hero City? Sure they could try on the new clothing that the Females had, but that just didn’t seem right. So Angela3d talked to the scientist at SturkWurk Labs and together they came up with the Male Comic Overlays! Just like its predecessor, the Male Comic Overlays also has tons of options for your Heroes! Need some new Masks? The new set has six new designs with two finish options and a dozen or so color to choose from! Most importantly, we introduce three new Hero textures: Major American in Glowing and Non-Glowing versions, lots of color options! Sergeant Sirius with four of color options Terrorbyte with eight color options Each new Hero design takes advantage of Poser 5-6 material lab and has options built in like Ambiance and Displacement Mapping. Poke Through? Special body types? Forget about them, The Male Comic Overlays work directly on the Unimesh’s body. Just add your favorite accessories and you’re off to save the city! Also included are base Plain suits with similar options as the Masks, along with a tutorial for adding your own emblem to them. You will need a photo editing software application to do that though. The only problem? Well those pesky Heroines also noticed the new suits, and found out that they could wear them too!


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