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Magnus Manor is a highly detailed, carefully textured and complete interior set inspired by the huge halls of some British castles seen in various fantasy and historical movies. The scene is composed by the main structure, a long table with chairs, a fireplace, a pipe organ, wrought iron ceiling, wall and table light fixtures, and various other props (wardrobes, shields, chests).

The users have the choice of loading the full scene or building a customized set by loading props in groups or even individually, also with the ability to have any single prop to load up in a place or in the center of the scene for easy placement wherever preferred.

Great attention to detail has been used to create every element in both modeling and the UVing-texturing-shading process, so that when the final result is in front of the user it can feel real and inspiring.

The set also comes with a camera set with six preset camera views and two light sets (bright and dark) ready to use. Every option is of course available for both Poser and DAZ Studio.

Magnus Manor (.PP2 and .OBJ)
Magnus Manor FULL set
11 Prop Groups
12 Individual Props
Ceiling Lamp
Table Lamp
Wall Lamp
Pipe Organ
Large Table
Large Wardrobe
Small Wardrobe
Wood chest
Individual Props can be loaded in the correct scene position or in the scene center for easy placement in this or other sets
1 Camera set for Poser and DAZ Studio with 6 preset view angles (.DUF and .CM2)
2 Light Sets (Bright and Dark) for Poser and DAZ Studio (.DUF and .LT2)
Textures Include:
96 Texture Color, Specular, Bump, and Ambient Occlusion Maps (1024×1024 to 4096×4096)
3 HDR maps for lighting and reflection
DAZ Studio Consolidated Presets (.DUF)


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      September 27, 2013

      Your welcome DR, I think I might make a render out of this. 🙂

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