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Montera V4
Magic Lips for Mavka

A fun, playful hair figure for V4,A4,G4,SP4,Mavka, and Natu.


*17 Base Colors/Mats
*48 Streak Mats for Front and Tails
*12 Different Options for Ribbon Props
*Natu CR2
*Mavka CR2
*V4 CR2 with A4,G4, and SP4 Fits
*Smart prop ribbons for each figure
*DS Mats

Morphs included in hair are:

ADJNeck, BangsBlowL, BangsBlowR, BangsForward,
BangsLong, BangsSweepL, BangsSweepR, FLForward, FLIn, FLMoveBack, FLShort, FLSpread, FLWind, FRForward, FRIn, FRMoveBack, FRShort, FRSpread, FRWind, FStrandsLong, ForeheadUp, HeadTopTaller, TailLB, TailLF, TailLWind, TailRB, TailRF, TailRWind, TailsHuge, TailsLonger, TailsLower, TailsShort, TailsThickenFB, TailsTopFull, TailsTwistBack, TailsTwistForward, TailsWavy, TailsWiden, WidenForehead.

Morphs included in Ribbon Props: Wind, Forward, Bigger Tails, Smaller Ribbons, and G4,A4 fits where needed.

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Montera V4
Magic Lips for Mavka

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