Lysithea Hair V4/A4/G4

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Lysithea Hair is a lovely curl cascade updo hair style for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Girl 4 and Freja and Adiene?s Lysithea.With movement, style and wind morphs including: ADJ Bangs 1, ADJ Bangs 2, ADJ Lower Back, ADJ Sides, ADJ Upper Back, Back Ringlets Longer, Bangs Longer, Bangs Sweep L, Bangs Sweep R, Curls Fuller, Curls Larger, Front Ringlets Longer, L Ringlets Wind, R Ringlets Wind, Front Fuller, Sides Fuller, Fit A4, Fit G4, Fit FRAD Lysithea. Lysithea Hair includes spider earrings, a choker with a spider cascading down the back with 5 style morphs, and a spider diamond wedding ring. Props created to match Lysithea Outfit.

Included :

1 Morphing / Conforming Hair with 10 mats
2 Prop Spider Earrings with 9 mats
1 Prop Choker Spider necklace 15 mats
1 Prop Spider Ring with 9 mats

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FRAD Lysithea


Eyecatcher Two


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