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UPDATED Luxus v – Luxus allows you to render a DAZ Studio scene to an image using LuxRender. Luxus will automatically translate your scene to LuxRender, or you can control the translation by adding parameters specific to LuxRender in your DAZ Studio scene.

LuxRender is an unbiased render engine based on what light does in real life. Images generated are defined by a simulation of the laws of physics.

Luxus offers close integration with DAZ Studio. As much as possible it does things the way users of DAZ Studio would be familiar with. Luxus shows up as a render engine inside the Render Settings Pane(Tab). Spot Render? Yes it does.

Parameters relevant to LuxRender can be added to any existing materials in the DAZ Studio scene. These parameters can be multiple selected and adjusted in the Surfaces Pane. Any material presets saved out will have these LuxRender parameters.

As much as possible Luxus is future proofed to support the fast paced effort of the LuxRender project.


?UPDATED:? Luxus v



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