Lunar Science Station: V4 Sleep Tube Poses

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*Not a DIM version.

The Lunar Science Station is the premier research institute in the Solar System. At the LSS, scientists perform the many ground-breaking experiments needed to make space travel easier and safer.

The Sleep Tube room provides a place for the scientists to sleep between shifts. Sound-proofed personal tubes with adjustable window opacity provide complete privacy for a good night’s sleep. The room also has lockers for storing personal belongings. Since the sleep tubes are re-purposed long-haul suspended animation tubes, the sleep tube room also double as an emergency life support system in the event of a catastrophic power loss or hull breach.

The Sleep Tube Poses for V4 are designed to help you get started with the Sleep Tubes set. The tube specific poses can easily be translated to different tubes.

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Lunar Science Station: Sleep Tubes


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Lunar Science Station: Sleep Tubes

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