Lunar Science Station: Sleep Tubes

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* Not a DIM version.

The Lunar Science Station is the premier research institute in the Solar System. At the LSS, scientists perform the many ground-breaking experiments needed to make space travel easier and safer.

The Sleep Tube room provides a place for the scientists to sleep between shifts. Sound-proofed personal tubes with adjustable window opacity provide complete privacy for a good night’s sleep. The room also has lockers for storing personal belongings. Since the sleep tubes are repurposed long-haul suspended animation tubes, the sleep tube room also double as an emergency life support system in the event of a catastrophic power loss or hull breach.

The Sleep Tube room is a sci-fi set for Poser and DAZ Studio. It has twelve sleep tubes with an equal number of lockers. It comes with a built-in lighting setup so that the set can be rendered right out of the box with minimal fiddling.


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Lunar Science Station: V4 Sleep Tube Poses
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