Lucky Star for V4/A4

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Lucky Star for V4/A4

Lucky Star is a morphing and conforming outfit for V4/A4. With standard FBM’s and PBM’s for different body types, included are custom morphs for the top, skirt , armlet, necklace and bracelet. Lucky Star skirt has a couple different belt styles, wind and sit morphs, lengths added. The top includes options to raise and lower the left and right sides, middle or all, giving it a realistic material movement for different poses – Adjustment morphs for collars and neck are included. The armlet can be adjusted with morphs depending on elbow bend. The necklace and bracelet have options to increase the charm’s sizes, move them left and right and adjust the necklace to the neck and collars. There are 5 different sets for the clothing, 2 skirts with different trans maps for each, alternate top choices, latex, gold, black, silver for metal on skirt or jewelry to mix and match. 48 mats for clothing and jewelry total! Clothing is crosstalking. FBMS and PBMs included are: Fitness, Thin, Voluptuous, Young, Amazon, Adjust hips, Adjust Torso Up, Adjust Waist, Inhale, Breast Cleavage Width, Breasts Diameter, Breasts Implant, Breasts Large, Breasts Natural, Breasts Perk, Breast Up L, Breast Up R, Nipples, Belly Thin, Hips Size, Tummy out, Waist Width, A4 Body, A4 Petite, A4 Realistic, A4 Stylized.


SS-RetroColours for Lucky Star
RMADI Faelwen V4


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