Lucifuge’s Grave

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Very few dare venture out into the withered regions for fear of it, fear of the dark monuments know as Lucifuge’s Grave. Some myths state this place is the grave of a great demigod or demon. Others say that such evil beings never truly die and that the grave is actually where Lucifuge fell and a portal to the netherworld opened and swallowed him back into the abyss from which he came. Others yet say it’s the work of a mad mystic who tried to summon some unknown being into our realm. Others feel it’s all just superstition, and that it’s just the ruins of some bygone cult. But even the non-believers fear visiting the site.

Lucifuge’s Grave is a new prop set of three grave-like monuments, a cratered ground, and five stones. High-res textures and hand-sculpted displacement maps push the detail and sense of realism to the max. MAT files are included to change the monuments from glowing to non-glowing runes. A set of discs in the crater can easily be animated into a spinning vortex. All of these come as individual props to use in your scenes, or a one-click group prop to load the whole set with ease.



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