Looks That Kill for Breeze of Sleaze

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16 Textures for the Shirt
10 Textures for the Boots
10 Textures for the Boot Straps
10 Textures for the Belt
1 Texture for the Belt Straps
15 Textures for the Top
12 Textures for the Stockings
10 Textures for the Thong
Detailed bump Diplacement and Transparency Maps
2 Reflection MAPS
10 MAT Poses for the Boots
5 MAT Poses for the Boot Metal
10 MAT Poses for the Belt
5 MAT Poses for the Belt Metal
16 MAT Poses for the Shirt
18 MAT Poses for the Stockings
11 MAT Poses for the Thong
Product Requirements: Poser 6+ Breeze of Sleaze by Ravenous


WWS7 - The Livery Stable
Breeze Of Sleaze


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