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Are you a gambler?

Have you ever played Blackjack, Roulette or Dice Games?
Have you ever felt the thrilling seconds before the little roulette ball drops into its field?
Have you ever felt the excitement if you play blackjack and wait for your final card?
Have you ever had these exhilarating feelings while the dice turned last time?

If it is so – this is your chance and unless you never have played before, try it out now.

You get:

1 empty Royal gambling room
1 American Roulette
1 European Roulette
1 Electronic Roulette
1 Sic-Bo Gambling table
1 Dice Gambling table
Jetons of different values (mat-files)
Playing Cards
2 kinds of barstools with different matfiles
1 Dice roller
1 preprepared scene -> American Roulette, European Roulette, Sic-Bo ans Dice-table, seats for the guests and the dealer
1 preprepared scene -> Electronic Roulette, 2*Blackjack-tables, seats for the guests and the dealer


Grateful members:

BODYTALK V7/G3 Merchant Ressource
Iolis - Warrior Temptress

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