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Lisa’s Botanicals – Christmas Holly invites the spirit of the holly into our holiday festivities. This 3D holiday package includes a festive holly-wrapped column suitable for entrances and accents; a berry-covered holly wreath for doors, windows and walls; and individual sections of holly garland that can be used together on fences, porch railings and fireplace mantels or strung between the included decorative candy cane poles.
The origins of the symbolical meanings of holly go back to medieval times. The word holly is a variation of holy. There are holy or sacred ties to holly across many ancient religions and belief systems, the essence of which is a zealousness or passionate devotion of a warrior with a spiritual cause.
The message of the holly is to use the purposeful logic of the warrior, standing up, protecting and defending one?s dreams balanced with a quiet, internal spiritual force created by the feeling we get when we visualize the manifestation of our own sacred dreams. The essence of holly assists us to focus on the big picture, let the imagination paint the dream, and then take purposeful action steps toward that dream.


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