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A pack of 20 props for your stylish pinup renders!

Pinup accessories is a set of 20 props for your pinups, you can use it with any figure, combine the props to any type of envirement! If you have been searching for props in your runtime, for quick backgrounds on your pinups, this is the right pack, to chose small props, and make yourself:

:: stylish dice room with the round chain bed,
:: a dark basement room,
:: a graffiti corner and
:: classy chess room,

or combine the props to any type of room!

This pack includes:

– four walls for the room
– three different color pillows
– a dice
– two chess pieces
– round bed
– round table
– seat
– two wall pipes
– half circle pipes
– room sign
– chess board floor
– pillar with chains
– barrel



i13 IDL studio MASTER
Chess Set

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