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Attention: file may contain adult content

Apron is a conforming item for Victoria4, Aiko4, Stephanie4 and Elite, Girl4.
With 10 different Mat style options!

Comes with 45 body morphs and adjust morphs,
including also special skirt morphs and style.

It also includes a morph to fit over other clothes, or make it bigger
so you can use it with any clothes you like!

Mat styles for all 3 pieces:

1. Bad Cook
2. Black
3. White
4. Pink
5. Red
6. Bloody
7. Kiss the cook
8. Naughty cook
9. Chinese
10. Flowers

Body part scaling for Stephanie 4 dials is only supported in Poser 8 and later,it is not supported in earlier Poser versions.


LilFlame's Serving Tray
LilFlame's Bad Student


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    February 5, 2013

    Link is dead, could you re-upload please 😉

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