Life’s A Beach

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Create endless sceneries with this useful scene: beaches, desserts, sand hills, dunes…
Use the morphs of the terrain to customize, accumulate rocks, scale or rotate terrain and rocks
to make formations and landscapes.
Use for pinup, romance, dessert, western, pirate, sci-fi, fantasy scenes… A must have in your Runtime!!!



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    August 19, 2012

    I like this. Thanks agata.

    Ok seeing we don’t have a forum anymore I want to ask a tech question. Some of my props that has a skydome shows up great but when I render it, it all goes black except the prop itself, even when I put in lights. Why is that?
    Speaking of which, some of Souless Empathy’s Terrain Props, like Verisatile Terrain II for instance, is not showing any textures whats so ever, all I get is a grey shaded ground prop, and not texture map on it.

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    August 19, 2012

    This works great for a SciFi scene as well, which I am working on, lol…

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    May 13, 2013

    (*•.¸*¸.•*´)Awesome, thanks(*•.¸*¸.•*´)

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