“Let it FLOW!” 20 poses for V3’s Hooded-Cloak

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Give your fantasy renders that special touch of glamorous movement… just let the cloak Flow!
20 poses to use as provided or as a starting point to adjust further on your own V3 pose.
Since the cloak conforms on V3 partially, depending on the pose of her chest, the rest of the cloak gets a new look
with each provided cloak-pose expanding further your possibilities!
Same cloak pose can be used not just on one but many V3 poses!
Have fun experimenting for a cloak that always catches the eye and showcases your textures rather than the default dull cloth that just hangs on V3’s shoulders!

Product Requirements:
V3 Hooded Cloak One


"Sirens" for V3's Hooded-Cloak1
"DragonWars" for V3's Hooded-Cloak1

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