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Files included in the Product:

1 Natural head texture (with and without hair)
1 Bump map for the head (with and without hair)
1 Specular map for the head (with and without hair)
10 additional make-up heads (with and without hair, so 20 in total!)
1 Body texture (Torso/Limbs)
1 Bump map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
1 Specular map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
5 Eye colors + 1 Bump Map
1 Reflection Map
3 Second skins + Bump, Specular and Displacement maps for the torso
1 Teeth/Gum map + Bump Map
5 Nail color options
1 Lashtrans

1 Head INJ and REM for V4
1 Body INJ and REM for V4 (++ Morphs required)

All needed Matfiles for Poser and DS Matfiles for Daz Studio.
AO and non-AO options included!!
UPDATE: PoserPro 2012 SSS MATs
The Matfile for the Second Skin option has a Remove function also.

Important Notes: This is an update!


Sweetheart Hair for K4
SV7 Belle


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    Honey Badger

    October 16, 2012

    Waterworld, thank you so much for sharing Kristy with us. She’s gorgeous. I adore Fenrissa’s characters–they aren’t so cookie cutter perfect, but more real world and a little bit quirky. I appreciate the share very much!

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    October 16, 2012

    ^ Honey badge is right, thanks from sharing n_n

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    October 16, 2012

    she is pretty…thank you WaterW…

  4. Profile photo of waterworld


    October 18, 2012

    you’re all welcome. I like realistic textures also. so many of the characters are barbie, playboy bunny perfect,it’s nice to find some real life looking ones. I like to mix and match morphs and textures, and create
    odd,quirky,homely looking characters. If i could ever find the time to master ZBrush, i would go nuts creating
    morphs and textures.

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