KPL 1978 Cobra Motorhome

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Accurate, high detail model of a vintage 1978 recreation vehicle for Poser and Daz Studio. Over 28 components that open/close, swivel/rotate such as cabinet doors, front wheels and even the sun visors. This model has been built to include the smallest of detail, including a complete engine, undercarriage and functional living area.

The Cobra Motorhome is divided up into sections so that separate areas can be turned on or off to better allow unobstructed camera angles. This model renders very nicely and doesn’t need post work.

Formats Included are: 3d Studio, Wavefront, Poser

Included Expansion Packs #1-4

  • Expansion #1

‘Campground’ expansion has 14 vintage props for the 1978 Motorhome. Includes picnic bench, lantern, cooler, BBQ grill, charcoal bag, lawnchair,

campsite ground plane, hookup post, background image, wheel chocks, spare tire, television, retracting TV antenna and cushions for the fold-down bed.

  • Expansion #2

‘Campsite’ expansion has 14 modern props for the 1978 Motorhome. Includes folding table and chair, gas grill, propane lantern, fog lights, generator, lcd monitor with special stowage mount, satellite dish on tripod, campfire pit and extra seating and 2 ground planes.

  • Expansion #3

‘Slide Outs’ expansion for the 1978 Motorhome. Version 2.0 is a Cr2 figure to load the Motorhome with sliders on both the left and right or left side only (for use when the awning is used) includes original pp2 awning prop.

  • Expansion #4

‘Cook Out’ expansion has 35 props for the 1978 Motorhome, but can be used as a stand alone product. Includes complete sets for the BBQ Grill, Picnic table spread, BBQ utensil set with case and Pots and Pans for the RV kitchen.


X02: Touched for V4 A4 G4
X01: Justified for V4/A4/G4

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