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This pack contains the character Keryth, young elf prince of Kerendyl. Keryth comes with a sculpted custom face morph and a dialed morph body. Keryth’s default facial texture has a slight peach fuzz on his upper lip. There is an option for no facial hair. Keryth’s facial skin texture was made from human reference photos.

As a bonus, Keryth has a full set of clothes: vest, shirt, belt, pants, boots, and wrist guards.

Please click the “Editorial” button to see images of this product.

You must own the Michael 4 base, plus the ++ morphs. If you want to load the genitals and Hiro, you also must own those morphs. To load Keryth, it is not necessary for you to preload the M4++ morphs, although you must have those in the same runtime from which you load him. You may preload the entire set of ++ morphs if you want access to some of their features.

This product was tested in Poser 7/8, Poser Pro, Poser Pro 2010 (beta), and DAZ 2.3 and DAZ 3, and should work for Poser version 5/6. Shader files for DAZ are not included, but the correct skin tones should render fine in DAZ with the Poser settings. The buyer may want to add some reflection to his eyes.

Background, lights, and poses on promotion pictures are not included in purchase.

Promotion renders were done in Poser Pro, FireFly Engine. No postwork was done on promotion pictures other than composition.

Promotion credits:
Mon Chevalier and Mario hair from Neftis Studio
Aether Hair by plus3D, 3Dream, and Mairy
Briefs from outoftouch, Bice, and Ilona



Fairy Boy for K4
Darling Flowers


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