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“I am the Keeper, just one in a long line of Mortals entrusted with the history and the secrets of a world we can never entirely be a part of. There must always be one, and now that one is me.” Beautiful Creatures

Within the Keeper of Secrets package you will find three intricately detailed sets of textures for the Angeloi (V4) clothing pieces. Sheer fabrics that shimmer in the light, decadent fabrics in a tapestry of colors, glittering gem studded trims, mystical stone cabochons and rich metals.

Red velvet brocade with subtle gold striping, ruby studded trims, beaded edging and shimmering gold sheers

Pewter, bronze and sea blue linen brocade and velvet with beaded leaf edging, topaz studded trim and shimmery sheer fabrics

Purple to gold ombre brocade interwoven with embroidered silks in shades from aubergine to antique gold, amethyst and rhinestone trims and shimmering eggplant verigated silk sheer fabrics.

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