Iray Turbo – x2-10 Speed – Tutorial

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Tired of slow Iray rendering speed?

Iray Turbo will let you render twice as fast (up to 10 times as fast), using 6 core tricks, and 3 bonus tricks, without changing your graphics card or PC–and most importantly, WITHOUT sacrificing quality!

Imagine a situation when your render takes 7 hours to complete, and you cut down that rendering time to only 55 minutes, while preserving all the quality?

Or a render that usually takes you 2 hours to complete, and you manage to pull it off in only a few minutes?

Showcases some never before released methods that will SHOCK you, and give you that extra rendering speed when you need it the most.

With bestselling Daz 3D Published Artist Val Cameron from Dreamlight.

What’s Included and Features:

Iray Turbo – x2-10 Speed – Tutorial
Render twice as fast (up to 10 times as fast), without sacrificing quality
6 Iray Turbo Tricks
3 bonus tricks
Total of 9 methods you can choose as the only method, or mix and match depending on your preference and needs
Showcases DAZ Studio methods as well as optional Photoshop tricks
Works with still renders as well as animation
10 videos
Short to the point videos without any fluff
1280 x 720 HD quality


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