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You always found Poser to be the best way to handle figures and poses, but you prefer doing general 3D work and scene rendering in Cinema 4D. Most options for using Poser content and scenes in Cinema 4D involve static hosting where you cannot make any modifications directly. Few solutions utilizing the 3D application?s built-in rigging and weighting are suitable to the unique rigging and weighting employed by Poser. You either still need to work in Poser or be happy with hobbled content support.

Not any more! InterPoser Professional Edition is the solution: A Cinema 4D plugin suite that lets you import Poser content and scenes adding the ability to texture, pose, morph, conform, and animate the content directly within Cinema 4D. InterPoser Pro emulates Poser features within Cinema 4D so that you can work with Poser content in Cinema 4D in much the same way as you do in Poser or Daz|Studio.



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