i13 Useful Actions for the Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Get this collection of 50 all new actions for your Genesis 3 Female(s) and experience the convenience of having this convenient library of useful actions at your fingertips whenever you want!

What’s Included and Features

i13 Useful Actions for the Genesis 3 Female(s) (.DUF) •50 unique poses
•50 mirrored poses
•50 upper body poses
•50 upper body mirrors
•50 lower body poses
•50 lower body mirrors
•100 left leg poses
•100 right leg poses
•100 left arm poses
•100 right arm poses
•50 head and neck poses
•20 eye presets
•11 poses for feet

Poses Include: •Applying Makeup
•Break From Hiking
•Brushing Dog
•Brushing Hair
•Brushing Teeth
•Carrying Laundry Basket
•Changing Tire
•Chasing With Broom
•Climbing Up Ladder
•Dragging Heavy Bag
•Driving With Intensity
•Eating Sandwich
•Entering Sauna
•Exhausted In Chair
•Exiting Vehicle
•Gazing Out Window
•Giving Up
•Laying around
•Leaning On Post
•Napping On Bed
•Napping On Couch
•Napping On Desk
•Picking Up Baby
•Playing With Baby
•Pulling Suitcase
•Putting Shoes On
•Removing Bra
•Removing Pants
•Retrieving From Cabinet
•Scrubbing Floor
•Soaping Up In Shower
•Spilled Coffee
•Stacking Boxes
•Taking Off Shirt
•Taking Selfie
•Tying Shoes
•Using Laptop
•Using Phone
•Walking With Backpack
•Walking With Books
•Washing Dishes
•Washing Face
•Watching TV
•Working Out
•Working Up a Pain
•Writing With Pen


Edna G3F
Drina for Victoria 7 and Genesis 3

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